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Babies Grow Up!!

 There’s nothing cuter than a baby bear, which is why some people purchase them as pets. The reality is they grow up to be a 300-pound omnivore that can eat up to 30-50 pounds of food per day. As a result the owners find they do not have the means to take proper care of these animals. Our three-acre bear enclosure will provide abandoned bears a place to run, play and swim.

4 Black Bears (Ursus americanus). All 4 black bears were ‘pets’. The oldest, Pocahontas, is 30+, the youngest (Maumee) was confiscated from an apartment when she was less than 1 year old. We currently have 3 females and 1 male (neutered prior to coming to The Red Wolf Sanctuary)


What's Happening Now

Carrying a Torch For Wildlife

We will be having a prescribed burn on Saturday March 4th to rejuvenate our warm-grass prairies. Fire is used to stimulate the wildflowers for the pollinators, while controlling forest expansion. Like a Phoenix follow our progress as new life arises from the ashes.






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