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Veteran's Day Eagle Release

November 11th @ 9:00 A.M.

Unfortunately we will not be able to release Freedom as planned. He is not physically capable of being released, and we will not release an animal unless it has the best chance of survival.

We will still offer the walking tour at 9AM; admission for Veterans will still be free.

This event will still act as a fundraiser to build a Flight Center for our injured raptors so that they may have the best space possible to recuperate before release.

We are very sorry that Freedom cannot be released but we must do what is best for the bird. Thank you for understanding

Thursday, 11 May 2017 19:35

Severely injured eagle hopes to soar again at Indiana sanctuary

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Posted by Nathan Vicar, Digital Content Producer SUN, IN (FOX19) -


A female eagle that is known to frequent the Brookville, Indiana area is fighting for her life at the Red Wolf Sanctuary.

The severely injured eagle was spotted in Laurel on Sunday, April 9 in a field, according to Paul Strasser, the founder and director of Red Wolf Sanctuary.

Strasser said the eagle was found with an injured eye and wing.

It's believed the eagle was injured during a fight by another eagle that took her territory. Strasser said eagles are notorious bitters.

Maggots and fly larva had to be removed from the wing after being rescued by Strasser and Cincinnati Zoo's Gary Denzler. 

None of the eagle's bones were broken, but soft tissue damage and feather loss are the concern.

The eagle is expected to survive, if it eats and the infection doesn't spread, according to Strasser. The eagle has been receiving medication.  

Strasser said it may take a while for the eagle to return back to the wild. 

"They have to almost be perfect to make it out in the wild and she's already not doing so well.  So we have a contingent plan of raising some money to build her a permanent home," Strasser said. 

If she isn't able to go into the wild, the Red Wolf Sanctuary will build her a permanent home where she can be used as an education animal.   

Strasser said they will need donations to expand the current raptor center for the eagle. 

For more information about the Red Wolf Sanctuary, visit their website.

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